2014年に南米ツアーを行い「Buenos Aires国際JazzFestival」で大好評を博した。
2015年にはNHKFM [ジャズトゥナイト]でTReSの特集が組まれ話題となる。



さらに伊藤志宏pと大儀見元perを加えたユニット「Baila TReS」でも活動している。



TReS is a trio formed by Toshiki Nagata (bass), Sachi Hayasaka (sax) and Rio (baritone sax), the son of Toshiki and Sachi.
“TReS” means trio in Spanish and contains all their first initials (T, R and S).
The band was formed in June 2012 for a concert in Argentina and are currently based in the Tokyo area.
They play classical jazz, Argentine tango (songs of Astor Piazzolla), Brazilian music, and originals composed by Toshiki and Sachi with a unique blend of bass and saxophones. Their first concert in Argentina resulted in quickly gaining popularity there as well as an invite to take part in the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival in November 2014.
In Japan, they started performing at various scenes in 2012 alongside many talented guest artists.
Their first album “Escualo” was released in July 2013, which is still played at “Radio Malena”, a broadcasting studio specializing in tango in Buenos Aires. Their second album is currently in the works. in Argentina. He performed in Patagonia and appeared on TV and radio shows, quickly becoming a sensation in the city.